Baseball is a game that has been played for over the last 50 years in the world and is very popular to date. The game has experienced a lot of revolutions since then to the perfect game it is today. One of the major change is in the bats used to play the game that exist in varying types, two of which are the best wood bat and composite bat.

So, what are the differences between these two baseball bats?



The wood bat is basically a soft ball bat made of hardwood .0n the other hand , the composite baseball bat is made up of stitched carbon, graphite and glass fiber in its structure. This is what is known called the composite material.


The swing speed of a baseball bat is important in determining a bats’ performance. It is basically determined by two factors ,the strength of the person hitting the ball as well as the weight of the bat. Composite bats carry more weight than wood bats. More so they usually have a metal rod inserted in them to add its weight. This results into a faster swing speed that increases impact on the ball.


The strength of a baseball bat solely lies in the material used to make it. The combination of carbon ,graphite and glass fiber makes the composite bat way more stronger than the wood bats. As a result, wood bats, especially thin ones break more often upon impact with the ball at the middle of the bat. Composite bats are thick and hence will not break through out their entire length no matter the force of impact.

Trampoline effect.

The barrel of a baseball like has a spring-like nature that determines how fast the ball leaves it. A hollow barrel will make the ball compress a little upon collision with the ball. The barrel will compress more whereas the ball compresses less. This imposes minimum energy loss. However, the energy temporarily stored in the barrel is returned to the ball hence resulting into more performance for the composite bats .


The wood bat however is stiff and impacts a great deal in ball compression. This makes the ball lose most of its kinetic energy during the process of compression and re-expansion. As their is no energy stored in the stiff wood bat barrels to counter this effect, the ball loses a lot of energy. This leads to lower performance.

Bending stiffness of a bat.

Higher bending stiffness means that frequencies of the bending vibrations fall in the range where the hands are most sensitive to vibrations. These vibrations are transferred into the common painful sting when you hit the ball with the bat.

Composite bats have the options of having their bending stiffness lowered without changing any of the barrels stiffness properties which will affect performance. The composite bats have thick walls to add damping to the handle. Wood bats however are much more constrained and result into a much more painful sting.


All baseball bats come with different qualities and features. It is better to keenly look into all these factors in order to determine the best baseball bat to use for different modes of play.